How I Scaled a $50 E Commerce Product to $300,000 in Less than 6 Months – Case Study

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Here is a case study of how I scaled a $50 e commerce product to $300,000 in less than 6 months. Keeping in mind that our team has to be profitable for every dollar spent and invested into ads.

To clarify, I consulted with this company under contract with an agency, so I don’t own the company. However, I was responsible for the marketing campaign and strategies.

Tweaks Done: Focus and Landing Page Enhancements

They initially were launching 10 different campaigns on 10 different products.

Our team analysed the data and said: “look, obviously your most popular product is X, right? And why not? Let us just focus all our advertising efforts on this product, X, bundled it up, create a great offer around it and scale the company.”

Instead of focusing on 10 different products and 10 different marketing campaigns, you’re now laser focused.

They were doing around $10,000 in online sales and our team we blew it out of the water by doing $50,000 a month in online sales.

This is all with less headache, and just one product, less management, and better customers. It’s insane how much you can grow a company just through making certain minor tweaks.

Our team kept things simple, using only one main ad and one landing page, resulting in a highly efficient campaign with a great ROI, focused solely on one product and one offer.

The company struggled with too many products and discount-focused messaging. In my opinion, discounted messaging that works isn’t really great marketing. Great marketing is creating a desire for people to purchase. You think of all the luxury brands such as Gucci, Prada and etc. They aren’t using discounted messaging are they?

Our digital marketing agency shifted the focus to creating desire and understanding the customer’s needs. This means having copywriting on the landing page that is focused on the customer. Copy that is benefit-driven, that focuses on your customer’s desires and pains.

Our team team also figured that selling store credits (bundling), Facebook advertising, and catering to specific demographics like pregnant moms and middle-aged women led to a huge part of our success.

Therefore by concentrating the ad budget and efforts on Facebook advertising alone, our efforts aren’t spread too thin.

Secondly, our team also increasing the average order value through bundling. Our team started selling credits so that customers can purchase store credits to be redeemed later. This increases the average order value.

The basics are similar: it is in understanding the customer, selecting the RIGHT offers, focusing on ONE channel, and optimizing based on the correct Facebook advertising ad account structure.

Our team didn’t execute on SEO campaigns, didn’t go into Youtube advertising because FOCUS is the key. You got to focus on ONE channel, delegate it out, then move on to another.

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