Explode Your Business with Leads and Sales, Stay Cashflow Positive with Facebook and/or Youtube Ads without Tirelessly Cold Calling and Posting Content on Social Media

Feel that lead generation is the hardest part of your business?

You spend hours taking photos, writing captions, stories, posting on social media and… you don’t get a single lead... 

Some even say marketing is like losing weight: so much harder than gaining weight.

Here’s the truth, whether you are an experience business owner or a new entrepreneurs, leads and the MOST important part of your business.

That’s because leads turn into paying customers that gives you... CASHFLOW:

  • If you don’t have a consistent stream of clients, you don’t have a business
  • If you have too little clients, they pay late, then you are in trouble

I know that as a business owner, coach or consultant LOVE your product/ service.

However you can’t have an impact on the world with great quality products/ service without:

  • Consistent streams of hungry customers through consistent lead generation.

Our Unique Done With You Formula

This is why our company has a unique DONE WITH YOU service so that you know your numbers, how lead generation truly works and we hold your hands through the entire marketing process.

I believe in value first marketing.

I hope that you get enough value from the call and whenever you’re ready to take your business to the next level... you'll choose to work with me!

Let's hop on a call and see if we're a good fit to work together!

Spent 1 Year Posting Articles that Lead to Zero Sales

I used to publish one blog post after another sitting in Starbucks by myself as a beginner entrepreneur HOPING and PRAYING that customers are magically going to knock on my door.

I spent an entire 12 months messing around with content management systems like WordPress…

I was obstinate about not learning how to get sales and customers online and gave up several times…

Until one day… I get fed up and decided to take direct action.

I spent $900 on Facebook advertising… I had 25 leads book a call, 24 of them didn’t show up… and 1 of them paid me $900.

I broke even in my first month!

I then refined by systems…. and in 6 months… I managed to hit 11k net profit with a 1k advertising spent.

One thing led to another, and I took up I took up a couple of contracts serving business owners along the way and realised I am pretty good at:

  • Generating leads online using paid Facebook/ YouTube marketing
  • Helping businesses analyse their client acquisition choke points
  • Crafting and building up online lead generation systems for business that last for years.

Businesses and Individuals we Helped

Growth Marketing Case Study: Dave from Asia Group Pte Ltd

Dave Tan, ceo

Asia Group Pte Ltd

'Marcus's business and marketing campaigns has returned my company a total of 3000% return on investment within the first month!

Job well done!'

Growth Marketing Case Study: Struggling music coach to an explosion of growth

Daniel, founder


'If you're struggling with getting new clients, new customers, I highly recommend what Marcus has to offer to help your business grow. Not even grow, explode. Thank you for your help and I wouldn't be standing here right beside the golden gate bridge if not for you.'

Growth Marketing Case Study: Property, Real Estate

jun Xian, real estate agent


"Just finished an appointment with a lead that you generated from Facebook marketing. The client was very motivated and interested to find out more. I have been struggling with creating ads and targeting the right audience and it's a good thing that I hired you. I hope to have more collaborations with you in the near future."

Still Frustrated at Lead Generation?

I remembered when I first started my business, I sat in Starbucks in front of my computer often scratching my head, fiddling around with complex marketing software rather than actively trying to get clients and sales.

I "hoped" that by working hard... I'll get the results I desired

That's because that's what we are all taught in school: to work hard… to "put in the work" and to ‘persevere’

You tried posting on Instagram and to get business from your friends

You tried cold calling...

You tried door knocking...

I’ll tell you a secret: I never made a cold call in business and I never made a door knock. I also do not sell to friends.

That is because:

  • It’s not a system I can scale to 5-6-7 figures a year
  • The majority of friends and families always ask for discounts and I hate it
  • I didn’t have a list to cold call in my first dating advice business

However here is the BIGGEST problem with door knocking and cold calls:

The people you approach can be polite to hear you out... but they aren't customers with pain points or a need for your product… so they do not end up buying from you…

Or maybe you tried running Google ads or Facebook ads yourself and your advertising dollars went down the toilet...

You end up feeling like you became a marketer... you lack the bandwidth to do so and you are overwhelmed!

Or maybe you hired a cookie cutter marketer, marketing agency and got poor quality leads...

Then let me ask you... why can some businesses effortlessly make 30k in sales simply by running advertising?

Can You Use Sell Bird Nest and Get to 5 Figures? Yes You Can!
0 to 5 Figures/Month - E Commerce Case Studies

Industry: Bird Nest 

Advertising Spent: $30129.88

Revenue: $5516.95

Return on Advertising Spent: 500%-600%

Recordable, Trackable Case Studies across 10 Different Industries

5 Figures/Month in F&B Industry - E Commerce Case Studies

Industry: Pizza, Pasta 

Advertising Spent: $3281.73

Revenue: $13930

Return on Advertising Spent: 500%-600%

"BUT Facebook Gives Me Poor Quality Leads!"

I understand the typical marketing process for most business owners goes something like this:

They get a pitch from someone about a super awesome type of marketing that "made someone crazy amounts of money without putting in any effort or money"

You sign up for a price

You try it out, you give it a couple of months and see zero results

Then you get told to “simply give it time” while paying a fat monthly retainer

Then you cut the agency, unhappy with the results and become more skeptical the next time you hear another lead generation pitch

They lead to stories like this:

“The majority of agencies are snake oil salesmen.”

“We just burned 20k on a marketing company and got almost nothing out of it. It was a bad decision. Our biggest mistake was assuming that an award winning marketing company would be able to help shape the core messaging of our vision. The reality we found was that it's something only the core team can really do. Once you have that you can retain marketing to enhance it or leverage the message.”

The truth is that MOST cookie cutter agencies charging $1000 a month do NOT have the time and manpower to build up a customized solution for you and your brand.

There are usually 4 people working on your account in a cookie cutter agency:

  • Media buyer (the one that clicks the buttons on the ad dashboard)
  • Copywriter (someone that writes copy like this)
  • Graphic designer (someone that creates the images)
  • Account manager (the face you talk to on Zoom)

The ironic part is that all 4 of them combined do NOT understand:

  • Your unique selling point, why should anyone buy from you over your competitor?
  • The market segment you serve
  • Your cost of product/ service
  • Your margins and how to create a real profit

Saying Ads do Not Work for You is Like Saying all Medium Rare Beef You Cook are Bad

Today, every other internet marketing guru is telling you to jump on ‘Facebook Ads’ and 'YouTube Ads'...

It seems like this magic new method of "Facebook Ads' beats flyers, cold calling and newspaper ads.

Yet what they don't tell you is that it’s RARELY about using ‘Facebook Ads’ or ‘Youtube Ads’…

They don’t tell you that great marketing isn't copying everyone else... it's about standing out and creating mouth-watering advertisements...

You can't simply "copy and paste"... or "script everything out"...

Just like cooking a medium rare steak with a perfect crust on it, running ads require skill, effort and a recipe to it.

I have used ads to sell:

  • Dating advice for men in a conservative Asian culture
  • Birds nest
  • B2B business grants
  • Pasta, pizzas, and gelato ice creams
  • Digital locks
  • Real estate
  • Insurance
  • Financial advice/ coaching
  • Singing classes

They are all done profitably... at multiple 5 figures in revenue a month.

Growth Marketing Case Study: Marcus gets 5 Stars from Us!

KickassStudios, Marketing agency


‘Hey there, Val here CEO of Kickass Studios. This guy really has it. He gets 5 star from us. In terms of focus and systems. He’s the guy for you.’

How is Your Business going to Look Like in 14 Days?

So, let me ask you, would you like to create a system that effortlessly generates you leads in the next 14 days or you simply going to let this problem carry on?

Through lead generation done right… say no more to having to do discounts or go into price wars in order to bring in sales and cheap customers at expense of your sales margin.

Say no to "trying to figure out ads as yourself" because our team is going to hand hold you through this process…

Our done with you process is here to also help you consistently position, brainstorm ideas on: structure, pricing, different offers for your company/ brand so that you can grow your profits without necessarily adding on more revenue.

Our Unique Done With You Formula

This is why our company has a unique DONE WITH YOU service so that you know your numbers, how lead generation truly works and we hold your hands through the entire marketing process.

I believe in value first marketing.

I hope that you get enough value from the call and whenever you’re ready to take your business to the next level... you'll choose to work with me!

Let's hop on a call and see if we're a good fit to work together!