Looking for SEO consultants, experts to help you grow your business revenue in a sustainable and predictable manner?

Here are Three Little Pigs, you get SEO consultants, experts that executed on business growth strategies, SEO and paid advertising whilst

This is one of our portfolio sites:

  • MarcusNeo.Com
  • Niche: dating advice blog for men in Singapore and all over the world.

Yes, as much as you think it's half insane to market dating advice to men in Singapore, in a conservative traditional culture, our team managed to pull 6 figures of revenue from that one business.

Through attending years of SEO courses, digital marketing programs and spending years and tens of thousands of dollars on business growth strategies that didn't work, our team realised that there is no easy way around long term search engine traffic growth:

  • It is to execute on ethical, white hat SEO that works, that will not be threatened by Google constant updates.

For years we floundered around with outdated SEO strategies taught by many of these "internet marketing gurus" and saw zero to no growth in our site's traffic and revenue.

This is due to the outdated "SEO/ internet marketing guru" industry in Singapore.

There isn't really anyone here doing it right:

  •  In a scalable, ethical and sustainable manner. 

Our team had to put on my big boy pants and learn white hat SEO the right way from ground up:

  • Invested in more SEO courses, consulting through the years 
  • Experimented on our own projects with our money: yes, we constantly spend on our own SEO teams, content and etc, not like many other agencies that only spend their client's budget

There's also no debate around this: 

  • Content is not enough 
  • Great design is not enough 
  • You need high quality backlinks to grow your search engine traffic, any consultant, expert of marketing guru telling you otherwise is lying to you
  • High quality backlinks are difficult to procure

This is why our team built our SEO growth processes to run like a well oiled assembly line:

  • Our entire system of scalable white hat SEO that's cost competitive, transparent and system-ized to the tee

1k to 20k SEO Global Traffic in 8 Months with Our 4 Steps Framework

Through the years of growing our own digital media assets and consulting for entrepreneurs, real estate agents, small medium enterprises to start up founders in Singapore, our team has executed on digital marketing campaigns from SEO campaigns, Facebook advertising campaigns and Youtube advertising campaigns that have led to direct traffic and revenue growth. 

However, for the purpose of SEO consulting, we'll be talking solely about search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization done right is one of the steadiest and surest way to grow your site's traffic, revenue.

That's because you are dealing with data presented by Google themselves. 

If you're ranked on Google's search engine results for commercial keywords that your ideal customers are searching for... you are going to get sales.

For example, if you are a swimming coach, you'll like to ideally rank for:

  • Swimming lessons Singapore 

If you are a beauty academy school, you'll like to ideally rank for:

  • Beauty Academy Singapore

SEO is different from paid advertising, where you are crafting marketing campaigns based on best guesses and then pushing out your marketing message into the market with paid advertising.

SEO is inbound. 

That means, you'll are already perceived as an authority in your industry when someone clicks on your website on Google!

However, the difficult part about SEO is that the majority agencies, consultants DO NOT get right:

  • The ability to implementing with a workable framework so that you plan out your site's growth for the next 12- 48 months
  • Executing a scalable SEO marketing campaign plan without going crazy: documenting content costs, links built, managing offshore staff and then measuring how your SEO efforts impact a site's traffic and revenue growth
  • The ability to building links that don't get penalised by Google updates... at scale

Not to worry, I have built my SEO growth strategies into a framework using modern tools and technology so that everything is made into an easy to understand process that is documented and transparent.

Talk is cheap, here's a tiny peak of what we do and how it's implement at one of our portfolio sites:

So Why Start SEO Consulting in Singapore?

Our team started a dating consulting for men business earlier on.

Through building just one business, our team was exposed to all forms of revenue growth strategies from:

  • Facebook Advertising
  • Youtube Advertising
  • Local SEO 
  • Global/ International SEO 
  • Funnel building 
  • Email marketing
  • Etc...

Through the years our team built a passion to grow businesses desired to serve a different audience and also diversify our business portfolio.

Our team realized that there's no one perfect way to scale a business. There's also no one right answer.

The majority of consultants, marketers and marketing agencies are currently focused on paid advertising, funnel building because it's one of the easiest way to get traffic, leads and sales.

However if you are talking about long term customer acquisition, brand and market share, you'll want to tackle Google's search results.

You probably heard of PropertyGuru: Singapore's property portal that is worth multiple millions of dollars.

Property Guru

Photo Credits: https://www.dealstreetasia.com

They are an extremely valuable brand because of the organic search reach, with Google driving them multiple millions of targeted consumers month after month, year on year.

In fact, they are NOT:

  • Talking about building funnels
  • Hard pushing Facebook advertising trying to flood the market with direct response marketing messages
  • However, I can assure you they have an SEO team behind the scenes expanding their organic search engine reach

There's a Huge Gap in The Market

Just taking a look a the backlink profiles of the majority of SEO experts, agencies and consultants in Singapore. 

It's clear as night and day that most SEO agencies, consultants rely on dubious backlinks/ SEO growth strategies.

This also means:

  • How they acquire backlinks and grow their own site is also how they acquire backlinks and grow their client's websites
  • Henceforth, the majority of links build to Singapore business owner websites are... dubious to say at best
  • These backlinks will NOT stand the test of time with Google's constant updates to the algorithm (I can show proof to you as I research my competitors traffic) 

If you wish to scale your search engine traffic in a long term, sustainable manner that will not be affected by Google's algorithm, then there's no way but to do SEO the right way.

Our SEO Consulting Process

The majority of consultants, experts, come in, talk a big game, come up with some fancy powerpoint presentation slides... 

Some times they yield a great result, some times they don't.

That's not how we do it here.

Our team is deep in the trenches, dealing with SEO from technical issues such as hosting, 301 redirects and all sorts of technical jargon that makes your head spin

If you do engage us as SEO consultants:

  • Our team comes in and help you implement our entire white hat SEO scalable system so that you and your internal marketing team do not have to worry on years on end on how to grow your search traffic to the skies.

Imagine have a smooth running machine of cost efficient local and/ or offshore staff running your entire white hat SEO system for you like a well oiled machine, scaling your company's website search traffic and business revenue to the skies.

Yes, that is us, we are process nerds, scale and efficiency obsessed.

If you are looking to explode your search engine traffic and company's revenue, then you'll want to book a free growth assessment with our SEO expert by applying for a complimentary strategy session below.

Talk to Our SEO Experts:

SEO expert Singapore

Marcus focuses NOT only traffic in SEO campaigns but on revenue and sales:

  • This means direct response copywriting to convert traffic into leads, sales and customers
  • He has experience in using paid media strategies on Facebook and Youtube to convert traffic into leads, sales and customers

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