3 Hacks You Can Implement to TRIPLE your Business TODAY!

Marcus Neo // April 29 // 0 Comments

How can you grow your business through online methods? How can you spend one dollar and make at least two dollars? The promise of digital marketing is alluring. However, most digital marketing agencies do NOT talk about offer creation.

1st Hack) Offer Creation

Offer creation can be confusing. It can mean the images and the copywriting—the words that you use on your landing page, whether you’re sending Google traffic, YouTube traffic, or Facebook traffic.

So, before we even talk about using Facebook ads or YouTube ads, or any ads for that matter, you’ll need to nail down our offer.

A good offer helps the consumer and the customer define a tangible result by using your product or service.

For example, if you are selling property, your end result may be increasing someone’s property valuation by 20% or 30%. If you are selling finance, it may be helping someone craft a portfolio that facilitates early retirement. If you are selling beauty and wellness packages, it may be about getting in shape in specific time frame.

Most business owners may make the mistake of selling the product, and not tying the product to the outcome. Hence failing define their offer in a tangible way.

2nd Hack) Focus

Let me share with you my experience of how I took my first business from zero dollars, losing money, all the way to five figures in revenue within a short period of time.

That is by focusing on ONE client acquisition system and ONE traffic source.

Focus on one traffic source, for example: Facebook advertising.

The point is this, if you can’t nail down a single traffic source, there’s no point in trying another.

Only when you build up this system, get your offer creation down, get the website up, go through the process of optimizing so that you are profitable in your campaigns. Then you can expand to other traffic sources.

The mistake many make is they focus on too many things at once. They focus on cold calling, newspaper flyers, friends and family, Facebook ads, YouTube ads, and end up going nowhere.

3rd Hack) Systems

Through using ONE traffic source, ONE client acquisition system, you’ll be able to grow your business to seven figures.

Your system can be defined in different ways. For example, if you’re getting ten dollars per lead and making one sale, your cost per customer acquisition is a hundred dollars. If your average order value is three hundred dollars and the customer stays with you for four months, you’ve spent one hundred dollars to make a thousand two hundred dollars, which is great.

Think of marketing as an investment where you put in the money, optimize the system, and it serves you for years to come.


The problem with most small business owners is in the lack of focus. They are doing too many things at once without systems.

The key idea here is to invest the time and effort into building up one system, one traffic source, and then growing your business from there: consistently refining your offer and knowing your numbers.

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Marcus is a SEO specialist and ROI focused digital marketer specialising in paid customer acquisition. Marcus's SEO expertise is in white hat SEO link building. He has managed digital marketing campaigns on both an SME and enterprise level in Singapore