Hello, Marcus here. 

Our digital marketing agency has helped grow small medium enterprises in Singapore to half a million in revenue in a matter of months.

In my digital marketing and SEO career, I've managed millions of dollars in advertising strategy and budget from start ups to one of the biggest banking group in the region.

The future of business growth through digital marketing isn't in standalone services such as SEO or Facebook Ads. It is in end to end thinking and solutions. Think of great Facebook advertising but a poor user experience on your landing pages? Or maybe you got a great advertising but poor customer research and profiling. You'll not get a return on your advertising spent.

The result? You'll get low quality leads that trickle down to sales, and operations.

The truth is:

Every dollar spent on marketing campaign has to be thought out till the end. Every customer acquisition campaign should increase your company's profits, sales and long term brand equity, and positioning in industry. Think of Coke. Or McDonalds. They aren't simply selling you soft drinks or burgers. They are selling you a brand so that you'll get repeat customers through a SYSTEM!

Silo Thinking Versus End to End Thinking

The majority of digital marketing professionals think and operate in silos. They are commonly know as digital marketing agency services. They can come in the form of SEO services or Facebook advertising.

In my career, I've managed agencies on an enterprise/ MNC level. I've also consulted tens of small medium enterprises and provided one off freelance digital marketing services in my agency days. I understand on a deep level that one off services are not enough.

The best approach?

It is taking an end to end approach to customer acquisition and business growth. That doesn't sacrifice brand for performance. Or lack in the performance department for brand.

This done through understanding business data, customer research and long term thinking on product fulfilment. It's NOT about simply outsourcing growth to external marketing teams or agencies.

If I told you that technicals don't matter as much. That I grew an small medium enterprise selling e commerce products to half a million in revenue with a broken Facebook Pixel and barely logging into Google Analytics... you wouldn't believe... or would you? 

First Principles Thinking

Here's what I learned after growing products to millions in revenue, managing millions in advertising budget in a start up, in an SME and at an enterprise, MNC level.

  • Time inputs isn't correlated to revenue output, "hard work" doesn't grow a business. 

Strategy and acute implementation does.

  • The majority are execution is done in silos and lack contextual knowledge

That's because most performance marketers, copywriters, digital marketers, Facebook ads experts, in house marketing teams... aren't implementing from an end to end stand point. The dots aren't connected. Hence making growing impossible to confusing. Messy to painful.

Contextual Knowledge 

So you may ask, what's the solution? It's to come from a high level strategy for growth from day zero: team management, delegation and capital allocation. 

Thinking from a business owner stand point instead of the day to day demands employee in your business. I'll let you in on my secret. The best marketing campaigns are planned and strategised months before a single dollar is spent. Or the right channels are chosen or a growth marketer is hired.

Phase 1

  • Market demand & research
  • Customer research & positioning
  • Understanding unit economics

Phase 2

  • Technical setup and analysis: analytics, look/ study at the data
  • Offer creation & selection

Phase 3

  • Capital allocation, marketing mix
  • Product/service, fulfilment, automation and operations

Phase 4

  • Customer Acquisition Technicals: copywriting, creatives, SEO and etc.

So yes, I hope I've persuaded that 99% of the industry are doing it wrongly.

The Method, The Specialist and The Man

Marcus and his team are primarily focused on paid Facebook advertising and search engine optimization as traffic channels. He has generated millions of dollars or revenue from just Facebook advertising alone. He's also brought one site to 20k+ in global traffic using SEO.

About Marcus the Founder

I started my first business at a young age of twenty three after dropping out of University year one. I failed miserably trying out SEO after spending an entire year writing blog articles one after another. There were crickets on my website with no customers. I packed up my bags and went back to University.

Fast forward 5 years later. I grew my dating advice for men company MarcusNeo.Com to 20k+ in global readers. Using white hat link building SEO and paid advertising. That's $100,000 of revenue as a one man employee. Everything bootstrapped.

I did EVERYTHING from website development to SEO to Facebook advertising, to copywriting to customer research to offshore team building & management... and etc!

Yes, in the trenches, as an operator! No venture capital and no external funding. Simple grit, technical execution and constant re-iteration.

The pandemic hit, stress built up and I exited for personal health reasons. The site got acquired by the holding company of BeyondAges.Com in 2021.

That lead to me joining one of Singapore's leading marketing agency: NextLevel.Sg.  They are a digital marketing agency in Singapore that are partners to IMDA Singapore's digital initiatives. I learned a lot there, helping brick and mortar SMEs in Singapore grow their business through digital marketing. I helped one of our clients scale to more than half a million in revenue with one ad, and one product.

I then had the good opportunity to take on digital marketing on an enterprise level. I joined one of the biggest banking groups in South East Asia as an E Commerce specialist. That led me to manage millions of dollars of marketing spend across multiple channels: Google's search engine marketing, PMAX, Bing, Facebook and more as an E Commerce specialist.

Formally, I hold a BSc in Business in Management from the University of London. I am also Google Tag Manager certified, and received an advanced GA4 Certification by Marketing Interactive.

I am passionate about self development. I come from a humble family background and self development gave me hope that I could do better from where I started. I also teach as a life, dating and relationship coach at IWillTeachYouConfidence.Com

You Can Grow with a CMO

There is a new unique concept in the growth marketing industry. They are called "fractional CMOs". Fractional chief marketing officer.

You can think about a fractional CMO as a chief marketing officer that works for your organization as per needed basis. They perform only specific duties of the company, provide direction, strategy and hence making them cost effective. 

You can today leverage on my years of experience in digital marketing and grow your company alongside our team. You're more then welcomed to reach out to me through LinkedIn


"'If you're struggling with getting new clients, new customers, I highly recommend what Marcus has to offer to help your business grow. Not even grow. but explode! Thank you for your help and I wouldn't be standing here right beside the golden gate bridge if not for you.'.

- Daniel, Singing Coach


Just finished an appointment with a lead that you generated from Facebook marketing. The client was very motivated and interested to find out more. I have been struggling with creating ads and targeting the right audience and it's a good thing that I hired you. I hope to have more collaborations with you in the near future."

- Jun Xian, Real Estate Consultant


"This guy really has it. He gets 5 star from us. In terms of focus and systems. If you need help in your media buying on Facebook, he’s the guy for you."

- John & Val, Marketing Consultants

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