Explode Your Site with Leads, Sales and Profits with our Lead Generation Services in Singapore

Leads and customers are the life blood of any business in Singapore. This is why lead generation is crucial for any coach, consultant or business:

  • SEO lead generation
  • Facebook advertising lead generation
  • Pay Per click lead generation

Here at Three Little Pigs, our agency specialises in SEO and Facebook advertising lead generation. Over the years, we have helped small business owners and consultants alike grow their business from 0 all the way to 6 figures in sales.

They are all scalable means of growing your business and one channel done right can take your business from 0, all the way to 7 figures in revenue.

SEO Lead Generation: Ranking On Page 1 Case Studies

  • SEO is one of the most sustainable ways to grow a business. Leads generated from SEO are a lot warmer than cold leads generated from Facebook advertising.
  • Yes, good white hat SEO services with proper links built stands the test of Google algorithm requires time and monetary investment.
  • Expand your market presence by ranking for lead generation keywords that results in return on investment.

White Hat Growth Marketing SEO Case Study

1k to 20k global traffic in 6-8 months


How we scaled one of our portfolio sites to US, UK and global traffic in a short span of time just from a laptop, our white hat SEO process and no huge overheads. This lead to a successful beta launch of our online course that lead to 5K+ SGD revenue of online course sales.

Growth Marketing SEO Case Study: SEO Rankings Recovery to Google Page 1 Rank 1

Lewis, Marketing lead


'I worked with Marcus on a project to rank a beauty school. Within three days, the website hit rank number 1 on Google Singapore for three competitive short tail keywords, so I highly recommend Marcus's SEO services'.

Facebook Marketing: 3-6x ROI Lead Generation Case Studies

  • Helped small business owners transform their business online leveraging E-Commerce platforms to lead generation. 
  • Our case studies produces up to 3-6 times return on advertising spent using purely Facebook advertising.
  • Facebook advertising and social media marketing is one of, if not the fastest way to grow a business. You are literally putting a dollar in and achieving minimally 3 times your money out!

Our Portfolio

Growth Marketing Case Study: Dave from Asia Group Pte Ltd

Dave Tan, ceo

Asia Group Pte Ltd

'Marcus's business and marketing campaigns has returned my company a total of 3000% return on investment within the first month!

Job well done!'

Growth Marketing Case Study: Struggling music coach to an explosion of growth

Daniel, founder


'If you're struggling with getting new clients, new customers, I highly recommend what Marcus has to offer to help your business grow. Not even grow, explode. Thank you for your help and I wouldn't be standing here right beside the golden gate bridge if not for you.'

Growth Marketing Case Study: Property, Real Estate

jun Xian, real estate agent


"Just finished an appointment with a lead that you generated from Facebook marketing. The client was very motivated and interested to find out more. I have been struggling with creating ads and targeting the right audience and it's a good thing that I hired you. I hope to have more collaborations with you in the near future."

Top Reasons to Engage ThreeLittlePigs.Pro for Lead Generation

  • Helped multiple small medium enterprises, real estate and insurance consultants grow and scale their sales through Facebook marketing. Our team has experience across 20+ industries!
  • Highly proficient in SEO and is able to integrate SEO, Facebook advertising and paid marketing together. The ability to help you know exactly what to do next in order to grow your business online using lead generation.
  • Offer creation and copywriting expert! Stop publishing bland advertising on your website to your advertising. I'll take you how to structure your offer so that you are highly profitable in your lead generation efforts right from day one!