Good Stuff People Say

'Marcus's business and marketing campaigns has returned my company a total of 3000% return on investment within the first month!

Job well done!'

Dave -
Managing Director  Business Grants Consultant

"Marcus delivers his work on time, takes initiative and is focused and driven. He’s also outspoken and is constantly coming up with ideas on how to better the company. He’ll be a valuable asset to any organization. He has drove substantial leads to our workshops and increased our sales."

Alvin chow
ceo of drwealth

"One of Marcus’s strengths is his ability to generate results from performance marketing on various platforms. He is skilled in media buying, copywriting and business strategy. This has helped contribute to one of our clients generating more than half a million dollars of sales from their ecommerce store.

One of the key accounts that Marcus held got more than 4X return on ad spend."

Benjamin Reuben C. -
Managing director of NextLevel.SG

"'If you're struggling with getting new clients, new customers, I highly recommend what Marcus has to offer to help your business grow. Not even grow. but explode! Thank you for your help and I wouldn't be standing here right beside the golden gate bridge if not for you.'.

- Daniel, Singing Coach

Just finished an appointment with a lead that you generated from Facebook marketing. The client was very motivated and interested to find out more. I have been struggling with creating ads and targeting the right audience and it's a good thing that I hired you. I hope to have more collaborations with you in the near future."

- Jun Xian, Real Estate Consultant

"This guy really has it. He gets 5 star from us. In terms of focus and systems. If you need help in your media buying on Facebook, he’s the guy for you."

- John & Val, Marketing Consultants

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