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Coaches and Consultants Lead Generation Case Studies

"If you're struggling with getting new clients, new customers, I highly recommend what Marcus has to offer to help your business grow. Not even grow, explode. Thank you for your help and I wouldn't be standing here right beside the golden gate bridge if not for you."

Daniel - Singing Coach

Insurance Lead Generation Case Study: Before & After

Industry: Insurance
Month: November 2021

Advertising Spent: $4401

Problem: High Cost Per Lead Across 4 Campaigns


Industry: Insurance
Month: January 2021

Advertising Spent: $4458.24

Leads Generated:  Lowered Cost Per Lead Across 4 Campaigns

E Commerce Case Studies

Industry: Bird Nest 

Advertising Spent: $2392

Revenue: 13k+

Return on Advertising Spent: 500-600%

More Case Studies

‘Hey there Val here... CEO of Kickass Studios. This guy really has it. He gets 5 star from us. If you're looking to scale your media buying and in terms of focus and systems. He’s the guy for you.’

Val & John  - Kickass Studios

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