TRIPLE Your Sales by Making Offers They Cannot Refuse – The Godfather Offer!

Marcus Neo // April 29 // 0 Comments

If you remember anything about “The Godfather” movie, you’ll come across the line “I’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse.”

In marketing, there is same concept called the Godfather offer:an offer that your customers simply cannot refuse.

Traditionally, Godfather offers comprises of a discount, bonuses, time limits and risk reversals (money back guarantees). However, digital marketing agencies and marketers recently abused the hell out of it.

Therefore creating great offers have became more of an art, than science where you get certain variables down.

Example of a Godfather Offer

Through the years, I’ve joined different martial arts gyms because I’m a martial arts enthusiast, and I’m always paying attention to how the gym is selling me and its marketing their products and services to me.

The gym that I’ve spent the most money on got the concept of a Godfather offer down really well, down to the tee.

I signed up for a free trial. They had a sales staff, they brought me around the gym. They let me attend different trial classes, and it was one-to-one. It was specialized attention.

They then sat me down one-to-one and they dropped the Godfather offer. If I were to sign up for an entire year and I were to pay up the entire sum of money upfront, they would offer me a twenty percent discount on the entire price. That is quite substantial.

Secondly, they gave me a bonus. For example, in martial arts, you do need martial arts gear, you need your boxing gloves, you need your Brazilian jiu-jitsu Gi and mouthguard. They added on to the Godfather offer by giving me an entirely free Jiu-Jitsu Gi, $50 voucher and a one-to-one private training session with one of the instructors.

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